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Is a stretching wire necessary?

The use of a stretching wire is not necessary during the application of TORNADO wild fences.

How is the meshing fastened to the poles?

Galvanised U nails are used to fasten every second wire of the wild fence.

What guarantee is given for Tornado wild fences?

The manufacturer offers a 20 year lifetime guarantee against rusting of the meshing provided that the wildlife protection fence is properly used.

How can we protect against digging under?

1. The meshing must be folded back on the functional side._x000D_
2. Supplementation with an electric supply._x000D_
3. Digging the lower 30 cm of the meshing into the soil.

What types of gate are recommended for the mechanical fence?

Double-winged frame with TORNADO meshing stretched in an aluminium frame, with re-adjustable fastening stems at the poles, with a lockable latch in the centre that can be opened from both sides.

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