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Game preserve, wild reservation fencing systems

The English TORNADO TITAN Premium wild fence with anti-slip knots is recommended for game preserve fencing. It is an extremely strong wire mesh, from 2.5 mm steel wire of high strength. The pointed acacia poles can be cylindrical or halved.

The wire meshing can be pushed into the soil or refolded, but it is unnecessary since by using a solar panel or a mains supply unit digging by wild-boars under the fence or entry through it can be eliminated due to the electric wires installed laterally at a height of 25–30 cm or above the head wire of the fence if required.

The poles are hammered into the desired soil depth mechanically or a cutting technology.
The poles are spaced at 5 m, the fencing is stabilised every 200 metres with special strengthening. The corners and angular points are also made with a special technique, which is very important due to the ca. 700–800 kg stretch of the wire meshing.
The wire mesh is fastened to the poles with stainless steel U nails.

Construction data of the wild-boar fence:

  • • Pole height above soil 140-175 cm
  • • Pole depth in earth 80-100 cm
  • • Wire mesh height 120-155 cm
  • • Upper electric protection 150-170 cm
  • • Lower electric protection externally and/or internally 25–30 cm
  • • Recommended meshing: TORNADO Titan T 10/127/15; T11/150/15

Construction data of the red deer and fallow deer-wild boar mixed fence construction data:

  • • Pole height above soil 220-250 cm
  • • Pole depth in earth 80-100 cm
  • • Wire mesh height 200-244 cm
  • • Upper electric protection 215-230 cm
  • • Lower electric protection externally and/or internally 25–30 cm
  • • Recommended meshing:TORNADO Titan T15/200/15, T 17/200/15; T 18/208/15; T20/244/15


Tornado Optimum fence meshing

TITAN OPTIMUM fence meshing is a really cost-efficient solution that has been created as a result of efforts made to survive the economically hard times, while it is of the usual reliable quality of TORNADO factory with the usual value.

The product is characterised by the grid, knot structure and galvanisation thickness for mm2 identical to the parameters of one of the most familiar brand in the market of fences, TORNADO TITAN.

The economic advance has been achieved by changing the cross-section of the wires from 2.5 mm to 2.00 mm.

TORNADO TITAN OPTIMUM fence meshing is recommended as wild fences for agricultural areas, forest renewals and nursery gardens.

The well proven TORNADO TITAN fence meshing is recommended for places exposed to high stresses.

Tornado Titan Optimum connects the vertical wires to the horizontal ones with innovative anti-slip knots. Due to its user-friendly properties it is an ideal replacement for traditionally looped, spot welded fences and wild fences or those made with other procedures.

  • Innovative anti-slip knot.
  • Weather-proof long lifetime.
  • High quality and low price.
  • Durability and flexibility of the fencing are guaranteed by the wires with high strength.
  • No stretching wire is required.
  • Heights and specifications meeting the demands.
  • It can be relocated with acceptable losses.
  • It requires less poles as fences made from soft steel.
  • Surface treatment: Galvanised coat in accordance with standard BS EN 10244 A.